A Taste of Naples Cookbook!

Authentic Italian Recipes from Naples, Italy

Now, all the recipes from the heart and soul of Naples Italy are available to you in my new cookbook "A Taste of Naples." These recipes of "la cucina Napolitana" have been handed down from my grandmother to my mother in Naples, Italy. Then, in 1922, the recipes came to America with my grandparents and my mother. (See "About Us.") Years later, I learned them by my mother’s side in her kitchen.

Over the past 5 years, I have written these recipes (with photos and some history of the dishes) so you can duplicate these original, delicious dishes from 100 years ago. Many are the same dishes your grandmother used to make. What warm, wonderful memories they will evoke as you smell the fragrances of these dishes and taste their mouthwatering flavors. Now you can pass on these memories to your family and friends. They will be impressed with your delectable food. So enjoy "A Taste of Naples." at home with my easy-to-use cookbook.

As my father used to say "Vicina a tavola, non si invecchia mai." (Around the table, no one ever ages) because time sort of stands still, doesn't it?

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A Taste of Naples Cookbook